SCE Ouchie Pouch

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The SCE Ouchie Pouch. Pre Order Now.


This was designed as a bag to keep the more common items for small boo boo's in an organized fashion .

This bag has clear pouches so you can see the items you  need- without digging around and searching.

The Background of the bag is a bright yellow to make the items more visible.

2 Zippered pouches on both sides allows for items like Gloves and Sheers.

2 D Ring on Both Sides allow this to be hung over hooks.

The zipper opens up entirely to allow this pouch to open up and lay flat.

13"x8"x2" size allows you to keep this just about anywhere you need.



It has internal spots for items like:


Assorted flexible band aids
Finger condoms
Tubular finger gauze

4x4 gauze
3x3 gauze
Medical tape
Coflex wrap
2 4 inch ace wraps
Water gel burn dressing
Betadine packets

Chap stick
Sam splint
Various OTC Meds
Oral gel