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Natt Stevens IV- CEO TUFF Products- California

Competes in: Steel , 3 Gun

Sponsored by TUFF Product
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Nick Amadio - Firefighter/Paramedic-Illinois

Competes in:USPSA, 3 Gun, Steel, IPSC, Archery

Sponsored by TUFF Products , Kitanica USA, ProShot Products, Speedloaderz, Rudy Project , 248 Shooter, Black Bullets, Gray Guns.


Brian Boehringer - Welding Technologist-Ohio

Competes in:USPSA, 3 Gun

Sponsored by TUFF Products ,  ProShot Products, Speedloaderz, Gray Guns, CTS Targets, Red Hill Tactical, Springer Precision, Morgan Optical, Ryan Rocks Outdoor Adventures, OP Spec Training, Top Gun Supply, Lucas Oil, SPD Tool


 Charles Anderson -  President GAT Marketing- Michigan

Competes in :  Steel, ACTS, 2Gun & 3Gun

Sponsored by : TUFF Products GAT Marketing ,Sentinel Concepts , 248 Shooter, ATEI, Midwest Industries, Operation Parts, On Target Magazine

Michael "little taco" Maiatico- Wood Worker- Virginia

 Competes in :  USPSA & 3 Gun

Sponsored by : TUFF ProductsOffhand Gear, DK Firearms, Red Hill Tactical

TJ Cheong -  IT Consultant/ NRA Certified Pistol Instructor-OHIO

 Competes in :  USPSA

Sponsored by : TUFF Products  ProShot Products , Eagle Imports, Metro Arms, 248 Shooter


John Russo - Police Sergeant - Firearms Training Unit- California

Competes in :  3 Gun & Steel Challenge

Sponsored by : TUFF Products


John J. "JD"  Donnellon Jr. - Retired Law Enforcement, LE Firearms Instructor, President Graphic Design,  JD Built- California

Competes in :  3 Gun 

Sponsored by :TUFF Products


Gina Roberts - Engineering - California

Competes in : IE 3 Gun, Steel , IRDPA, IPSC ,USPSA , Bullseye, Long Range

Sponsored by : TUFF Products, Speedloaderz A Girl & A Gun, Well Armed Woman, Shooters Hangout, San Diego County Gun Owners


Daniel Wolf -The Shootist - California

Competes in : 3 Gun, Steel ,IDPA, USPSA, Steel, Tactical

Sponsored by : TUFF Products, The Shootist, ProShot Products, Speedloaderz, The Glock Store, CMC Triggers, Pyramid


Sean Dexter- Retired Police Sergeant- Nevada

Competes in :3Gun

Sponsored by : TUFF Products, Hornady, Tru-Spec, Arms Unlimited, CMC Triggers, American Defense, Steyr Arms, Emerson Knives, A Place to Shoot, Nordic Components, Warne Scope Mounts, Vltor, Criterion Barrels, Burris Optics, KNS Precision, Black Dog Machine.


Eric Olson- Sergeant Patrol/SWAT Team Leader-California

Competes in :3Gun

Sponsored by :TUFF Products

Juan Barba-  Ocean Diver- Trident Gunsmithing- California

Competes in :3Gun, Steel Challenge

Sponsored by : TUFF Products, Trident Gunsmithing, 248 Shooter


Eric "IGGY" Keyes-  Chicago PD Law Enf. Firearms Trainer - Illinois

Competes in: USPSA , 3Gun, Steel Challenge, IPSC

Sponsored by : TUFF Products, Gray Guns, Rock Island

Chris McGee-  Ohio State Hwy Patrol & Columbus CCW - Ohio

Competes in: USPSA , Steel Challenge

Sponsored by : TUFF Products, Columbus CCW, 3i Holsters, Kitanica, Rock Island, ProShot Products, Speedloaderz ,C-more,Heritage Ammunition, Ashlar Arms,Taran Tactical, Walkers Game Ear.




Dani "Oakley" Nickens System Dispatcher-Indiana

Competes in: USPSA , Steel Challenge, 3Gun

Sponsored by TUFF Products

Ultimate Targets, Speedloaderz, Vortex, 5.11, Froglube


Philip Hudock-North Carolina

Software implementation consultant, firearms instructor/NC-CCW instructor, Small business owner

Competes in: USPSA 

Sponsored by : TUFF Products, AP Enterprises


Jeff "DD" Whitaker- GrayGuns Customer Service-Oregon

Competes in :  USPSA , 3 Gun, 

Sponsored by : TUFF ProductsProShot Products, Speedloaderz, Sig Sauer, OPSPEC Training, ESS Eyewear, The Brass Exchange, Trop Gun Supply, Blade Tech, Springer Precision, SPD Tool.

Frank "Top Shot S4"Melloni- CEO Renaissance Firearms Instruction LLC, New York

 Competes in :  USPSA ,IDPA, NRA Service Rifle , Small Bore Sillhouette

Sponsored by : TUFF Products, Renaissance Firearms, Walther, Hornady, Breda, Frontier Tactical, Henry Repeating Arms, Champion Shooters Supply, Kahntrol Muzzle, Targets USA, Alien Gear, Peltor, Lyman


Jase Winner - Student - Freelance Writer- Washington

Competes in:USPSA, 3 Gun, Steel,

Sponsored by : TUFF Products, Sentinel Concepts, GAT Marketing, Overwatch Precision, Speedloaderz , ProShot Products , Taran Tactical, 248Shooter  , 3 Aces LLC, Dark Angel Medical, Agency Arms, Victory First LLC, Victory Barrels, Midwest Industries, InMotion Targets, Magpul, Liberty Limbers LLC.

Rebecca King- 3 Gun Gal - Owner RkShotTraining

Competes in: USPSA, 3 Gun, Steel,

Sponsored by : TUFF Products, RkShotTraining ,Rise Armament, Hexmag, Sentry Products Group, Warne Scope Mounts, Kenzies Optics, Eagle Imports , Shoot Like a Girl,   3i Holsters , Grand Power, Ammo inc.


Jeff Hewes- Teacher,Athletic Director & Coach- Delaware

 Competes in:USPSA

Sponsored by : TUFF Products, Sentinel Concepts, Top Shot Ammo, Speedloaderz , ProShot Products , Modern Samurai Project, Phlster,Overwatch Precision


Gene & Christy Ross- The Couple that Shoots Together- Texas

 Competes in Carbine, IDPA, 3Gun. USPSA, Steel Challenge

Sponsored by : TUFF Products,The Couple That Shoots Together, Offhand Gear, Speedloaderz , ProShot Products , American Arsenal, Dawson Precision, Gun Connection, Comp-tac


Jay Graham- Air Force Vet,  Superintendent For Kentucky Transportation Cabinet - Kentucky

 Competes in USPSA and Steel Challenge

Sponsored by : TUFF Products, Shooters Connection, Weapon, Shield Stickit2theMax

Mary-Grace McMahon-Law Enforcement Wife- California

Competes in: IDPA(RSO) USPSA, Steel Challenge

Sponsored By: TUFF Products, Laser-Ammo ,Speedloaderz  , Western Ammo, Napa County Deputy Sheriffs Association, Dr. Frank Zheng OD, GAT Marketing, Shooting for Glory, Range Day Christian Fellowship


Nancy Keaton -Director Of Family Development Centralia College- Washington

Competes in : IDPA

Sponsored By: TUFF Products, ProShot Products, Speedloaderz, Offhand Gear, A Girl and A Gun.

Alex Towery -CEO Towery Electric Inc. - California

Competes in : Steel Challenge Rimfire Challenge, IDPA,USPSA

Sponsored By: TUFF Products, ProShot Products, Speedloaderz Tactical Soluctions, Kitanica,3iHolsters


Keith Jung-Deputy Sheriff II , Range Master, Instructor, Agency Armorer- California
Competes in: USPSA Pistol, Rifle, 3 Gun

Sponsored by:TUFF Products,LA Police Gear, Taran Tactical Innovations, Patriot Recource Group

Geoff Blanchard- Law Enforcement- Tennessee

Competes in:USPSA Carry Optics

Sponsored By: TUFF Products, Red Hill Tactical, Springer Precision, The Blue Bullets




Geoff Green-Corporate Aircraft Mechanic-Indiana Competes in: USPSA-PCC-Steel Challenge-PCCO-PCCI Single Stack 

Sponsored By: TUFF Products, Speedloaderz, Bobcat Armament, Macon Armory

Bob Miller - President Ryan Rocks!!! Outdoor Adventures- Michigan
 Competes in: USPSA, 3 Gun
 Sponsored By: TUFF Products,Ryan Rocks!!! Outdoor Adventures,SRG, Fenix Ammo, Speedloaderz, Delta Whiskey Rifles, 3i Holsters. 


Marcus Ratcliff- Electrical Superintendent- TennesseeCompetes in: USPSA, IDPA Sponsored By: TUFF Products, Gray Guns,  Red Hill Tactical, Springer Precision, Dawson Precision, Top Gun Supply, Speedloaderz.

Shane Bland-Sylacauga PD-Police Training Sergeant- Alabama
 Competes in: USPSA, 2 GunSponsored By: TUFF Products, Rudy Project, LA Police Gear


Mikey Ibarra- Hospital Safety Specialist- San Diego
Competes in : USPSASponsored By: TUFF Products, Rudy Project,, 3IHolsters

Aaron Brulc- Product Manager- Lexington Kentucky
 Competes in : USPSA,IDPA,Steel Challenge
Sponsored By: TUFF Products, Georgia Brass LLC. March Master Munitioins, Shooters Connection, Hodgdon Powder,Rudy Project



Todd Mao- USMC Veteran- SQA Manager-California
  Competes in : USPSA, IDPA,3Gun
 Sponsored By: TUFF Products, MTC Firearms Training, Shooters Connection, Gunfighter Tactical

Takumi Suzuki - Engineer / Machinist / Ninja - Ohio

Competes in: Steel Challenge / Action Pistol

Sponsored By: TUFF Products, Prospect Design


Dave Werner- Phoenix Armory -Colorado

Competes in: USPSA, OUTLAW Matches,  Charity Fun Shoots Sporting Clays and Skeet

Sponsored By: TUFF Products,Prairie Wing Kennels, Phoenix Weaponry, ginger Tactical and wallet


Mackenzie McGee - Student / Jr Shooter - Ohio

Competes in: Steel Challenge

Sponsored By: TUFF Products, Speedloaderz, Renaissance Firearms Instruction, GAT Marketing, Pro-Shot Products, Ryan Rocks


Joel Gonzales - USN(Ret.) - Technical Investigator, Fed Firearms Instructor / California

Competes In: USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge

Sponsored By: TUFF Products, Springer Precision, MTC Firearms Training

Joel Madayag - Aircraft Quality Control Inspector / Chicago

Competes In: USPSA, Steel Challenge

Sponsored By: TUFF Products, Walkers Game Ear, 3i Holsters, Leupold, Hunters HD Gold, Mayhem Syndicate


John Moore- Retired Musician & Chiropractor

Competes in: Steel Challenge

Sponsored by : TUFF Products, Kitanica, Bayou Bullets, Roccos Pizza And Strohman Enterprises



Jonathan Gutierrez - Chemotherapy Authorizations Supervisor - Houston, TX


 Competes In: USPSA, Steel Challenge 3Gun

Sponsored By: TUFF Products, The Ranch Club Tx, ArmsAds, Redacted Concepts, Advanced Shooting Solutions, NFA Pics and Prints, Shenk Ammunition




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