Sentinel Concepts Revelation II

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 NEW COLORS   - Limited Edition Colors added


Made from durable 500D Cordura Nylon in Casual Colors, The Revelation II has a few Upgraded Features.

The New Shoulder Straps feature Attached Straps and a Pull to Tighten system allowing them to be "snugged in place" on while wearing.

There are Dual Water Zippered Hidden Water Bottle pouches on the sides. Will Fit the 32oz Nalgene Water Bottles and 20oz HydroFlask.



Back Pack is designed to conceal a S.B.R. with Law Tactical Folder,  up to 10.5" barrel  up to 22.5"  with a 30Rd Magazine

Heavy Duty Lockable Zipper Pulls.

It has a standard back pack appearance, NO MOLLE or Patch areas or Tactical appearance at all allowing you to blend into daily environments.

From the OUTSIDE this backpack is a basic backpack.

The Exterior Bungee Laced Front can be used to carry additional items such as a jacket or sweatshirt

A Zippered E.D.C. Pouch for Keys, Phones, etc.

Allowing for a wide variety of consumers to find that "sweet spot" while wearing it.

The Chest Strap is also removable and adjustable for height.

The Revelation has padding on the back and thick padded adjustable shoulder straps


Once you get to the Interior You will see the more essential features.


Pull Down Zippered Pouch Hides a Loop Backed Panel Allowing for   Hook Backed Accessories ( such as Extra Magazines or First Aid items,)

Hanging from the center is also a D ring to allow a Clip On Pouch to be quickly accessed.

On the Interior of the Larger Zippered Open Pouch of the Back Pack is where the weapon would hide.

3 Additional D Rings hang from the opposite side, allowing for more Clip On Accessories.

There is a "false" front with a Quick Access Pull Handle, allowing the gun to be covered and hidden.

The Side Walls are lined allowing for a wide variety of optics, lights and other and add-ons to also be concealed while on the weapon.

Also included is a 4" retention strap to give that extra security.

The Bottom of the pack has a stiffener to prevent the muzzle from protruding.

So Many Features all hidden in the Revelation Back Pack.


Over All Foot Print Size Length 22"x Width 12"  Depth 4"

4 Zippered Pockets


7"W x 5"D

Top  Inner

8"W X 10 W

Bottom Lower

12"W x 8.5" W 5D

2 Hidden Zipper Up Water Bottle Pockets

Zippered Front Pocket

8"-12" Taper x 17"




  • 5

    Posted by Jeff Robinson on Jul 2nd 2022

    Perfectly designed

  • 5
    Sentinel Concepts Revolution II

    Posted by JLock on Feb 8th 2021

    This was the perfect bag I was looking for. Very slim and low profile. I carry an 11.5 Ar pistol with law tactical folder and 2.5 inch muzzle device. Overall length is 22.25 inches, and the AR squeezes inside but fits. The bag is well made and seems extremely durable. Great bag so far and would highly recommend.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Mike on Sep 8th 2020

    Perfectly conceals my 10.5" ar pistol with law folder. Very thin with still slot of space.

  • 5
    Great pack for law folder

    Posted by duckman on Jul 16th 2020

    Very well built bag and perfect for edc of an AR pistol with Law Tactical folder without looking like a "tacticool" bag.

  • 5

    Posted by J.R. on Jul 14th 2020

    I am amazed at how good the quality of the backpack is. The extra attention to detail is second to none. Very impressed with the product

  • 5
    If you have a law folder, get this!

    Posted by Wesley Russell on Jul 3rd 2020

    inconspicuous and easily accessible! Quality sewing and materials!

  • 4
    Recommend buy

    Posted by Austin Putzier on Jun 25th 2020

    Great product, well built. The concealment flap to hide the items to be concealed is great easy access, on thing though is I think there should be loop Velcro on the back of the compartment. So that the item does not slide around as easily. And instead of one big “hold” strap, should be 2 straps for more adjustability. Other than those two things the rest of the bag is solid, great zippers and heavy duty fabric. Lots of room, and blinds in as a “normal backpack”.

  • 5
    Not good for the .223

    Posted by Kevin on Apr 6th 2020

    Great bag, unfortunately I will be sending it back . I own a .223 the muzzle is too long for the bag. Even with the waffle stock. I’m sure it would be fine if it was a 9. Good news I was told that they are designing a larger bag so maybe I’m in luck.

  • 5
    Tuff Sentinel review

    Posted by Jordan Rechsteiner on Dec 21st 2019

    This bag is EXACTLY what I wanted and only imagined but never saw anywhere else! Actually, the truth is it’s better than I imagined. It allows me to carry my folded AR 15 Pistol anywhere I want. It’s so brilliantly unassuming that I had a Co-worker try to bust my balls saying “Ah my kid has a little backpack bout like that! Haha!” Me: “Oh yeah? (ripping Velcro cover to reveal my folded AR) Kid got one of these?” His jaw hit the ground and he had no idea I had a folded AR in my backpack and he was in awe! Thank you tiff concepts for allowing me to carry my magnificent AR everywhere with total anonymity.