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The Tuff™ Tactical QuickStrip™ Pouch holds 1 or 2 loaded QuickStrips™ and wraps around belts up to 2".
Double layered nylon with two vertical military grade bar-tacks hold your strips upright once the flap is open.

Size 1 (Small) Holds 1 or 2 Loaded QuickStrips™
5 rounds of .357, .38, .40 S&W, .6.8mm,..7mm Mag,.375 H&H 300 Win Mag,.45 Auto Rim
6 rounds of .223,.32,.327,9mm Luger/Parabellum

Size 2 (Medium) Holds 1 or 2 Loaded QuickStrips™
5 Rounds 30-30,.410 Shotgun,.44,.45,.458 Lott,.458 Win Mag,.460, .50AE,

10 rounds of .17HM2, .22 Short, .22LR,

10 rounds of .17 HMR,.22 Magnum

6 rounds of .357, .38, .40 S&W, .6.8mm,.243 Win, 257 Roberts, 270 Win, .308,.30-06,.338 Federal, .41 Magnum, .45 ACP,.30-30,. 44,.45,.458 Lott,.458 Win Mag,.460, .50AE,.7mm Mag,.375 H&H 300 Win Mag,.45 Auto Rim,

7 rounds of .357, .38, .40 S&W, .6.8mm

Size 3 (Large) Holds 1 or 2 Loaded QuickStrips™
5 rounds of .416 Rigby,.500 Linebaugh 6 rounds of .475,.480,.500 S&W
6 Rounds of .410 Shotgun
8 rounds of .223,.32,.327,9mm Luger/Parabellum .357, .38, .40 S&W, .6.8mm QuickStrips™
 External Dim. Length x Height
Size 1     3.25"*3.5"     Internal Width 2.75"
Size 2     4"*3.75"       Internal Width  3.25"
Size 3     4.5"*3.5"      Internal Width  4"

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  • 4
    Good Product

    Posted by Larry on Nov 29th 2023

    I bought the medium ones, and they fit my 357 magnum rounds well, it also fits snugly on my belt. Revolver owners should consider these. Works very well Thank you.

  • 5
    Quick strips tactical pouch.

    Posted by J Heavener on Jul 22nd 2023

    Works very well. Keeps my quick strips+ammo protected and easy to access.

  • 5

    Posted by James Marshall on Jul 16th 2023

    Great product, have bought several in the past.

  • 2
    quickstrip pouch

    Posted by Tommy Houston on Feb 7th 2023

    Thought I read the product discription but maybe I missed something. I wanted a pouch to hold the 8 round strip. The one I was sent, 8 round strip won't fit.

  • 3
    Not Really A Pouch

    Posted by Galen Taylor on Nov 21st 2022

    The photo of the Quickstrip Pouch is misleading. It's not so much a pouch as it is an elastic band inside a trifold wallet. It will function as advertised but I was surprised by its construction .

  • 5
    Quickstrips Tactical Pouch

    Posted by Jim M. on Jul 31st 2022

    Works great, unobtrusive for concealed carry, don't have to take your belt off to put it on. Shipping was fast, had it in less than a week. Good job, Tuff Products!

  • 3
    Tuff pouch

    Posted by Joe on Jul 30th 2022

    Works well I with the pouch was made with a little thicker material

  • 5
    Quick strip pouch

    Posted by Richard Siggers on Jul 13th 2022

    Works great

  • 5
    Tactical Pouch

    Posted by Stewart A Lieber on Jun 15th 2022

    I love it. You can carry 2 speed strips with this pouch. Well constructed. Highly recommended.