4298 -L TUFF iTuck Conceal Carry Phone / Firearm Holster Large Size

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(Phone Case with Hidden IWB Holster)

• Heavy Duty 1 3/4" Metal Clip
• Holds iPhone 6+ (and other Smart Phones 7" Tall x 3.9" Wide x .5" Deep.)
• Pocket for Driver License, Credit Card & Cash
• Hidden Holster Pocket Conceals Firearm

(Patent Pending)

Available in Black RipStop on Jan 9 (Pictured) or Black Nylon
This Style will ONLY be available in the size 10.

Size 10 Fits
LCR, J Frame ,SW 3913, PF9, Gl 17.19.22.,Be Nano, LC9, SS230 PPK, PPKS, Sr9C, SS239, XDS45, Kahr PM9/40/45 And SO MANY MORE!!!!(With or Without Crimson Trace Lasers)

To see a larger selection of the MANY Firearms that will fit in the iTuck, Please see the Size Chart Tab!

TUFF iTuck Conceal Carry Holster and Phone Case from TUFF Products - Videos on Vimeo.

This is a Small Chart of the MANY Firearms this will fit.






  • 5

    Posted by David Jacques on Nov 12th 2022

    I have been using these holsters for many years and will continue as long as my phone ( i-phone 8+ ) and 1911 still fit in them. I am still using my first one that doesn't look as nice when I am going to be getting down and dirty.

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    iTuff Holster

    Posted by Christian Harrell on Aug 10th 2020

    A great idea, however they need to use a bit more material so the phone holster can be usable. As it is; the phone sits halfway above the belt line, so when you sit, your phone jabs you in the stomach. Im going to try to resew it.

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    Tuff Ituck review

    Posted by William Worrell on Feb 4th 2020

    I have worn my 1st one everyday and have finally worn it out. I will wear this new one everyday also. I have been wearing many different holsters for many decades and this it my favorite...

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    Fits my Phone and Shield Perfectly

    Posted by Jake on Apr 25th 2017

    Saw a few mixed reviews and still look a chance. My iphone 6plus and my Shield fit perfectly . After talking to the girl at the company and she explained that if i wear it AT belt level, not below, it would draw easier. True enough. I think this is my new GOTO holster for casual attire.

  • 2
    just not working

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 25th 2017

    Does not work phone case draws attention to a big blob in pants looks like I'm stilling from the stores.. Does not look like something in pocket

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    i give a 4th star for inivation.

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 12th 2017

    I like the idea very much. It could be a little more H-D. Have not worn it all day yet as it will be more at a warm weather clothing item.

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    Accurate description but mediocre function

    Posted by Tim on Aug 26th 2016

    This holster seems to be made of a cheap material. Not sure how it will hold up over time. I didn't know it when I purchased it but it has an adjustable depth to fit larger barreled guns. It functions as described but the design of it places the gun tightly inside the pants and makes it hard to draw quickly. I find I need to delegate one hand to pull the flap open and use my other hand to separate the velcro and then struggle to get the gun out and then have to regrip it to draw. It serves the purpose and if you never need it I think it would be fine. When the time to use it arrives, I think it's going to be too slow. I also wish they had a leather option for it because it can get sweaty on hot days.

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    Just what I was looking for

    Posted by Marc on Aug 1st 2016

    In a long search for my ideal holster, I ran across the ITuck. I contacted customer support with a few questions on sizing that were answered promptly. After using the Ituck for a full week, I could not be more pleased. I found the cell case, and firearm pouch to function well, and as advertised. I would love to see a soft leather version available at a higher cost. If you carry in a location where you are moving actively, and a common in waist holster does not conceal enough, buy this holster!

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    Not what I expected...exactly....

    Posted by Ed Rollins Jr on Jul 28th 2016

    First of all, I would like to say the Tuff Products holster/iPhone combo is what was advertised. It is a nylon pouch that will fit several different pistols IWB and an integral pouch that will hold an iPhone OWB. It also has a clip on the iPhone pouch that fixes it to your belt, is ambidextrous, and is a novel solution to two carry problems rolled into one. I'm thinking... WOW!... This could be really cool! I'm always looking for some way to more efficiently handle my every day carry (which seems to be growing as time goes on!), so I paid my money and the holster combo arrived efficiently and in great condition, so far so good. My first impression as I removed it from the package was that it was well....cheap..... It just felt flimsy in my hands. I take my concealed carry gear very seriously and I will not trust the lives of my family to an item that is not up to my standard which is 100% reliable. So getting over the first impression, I loaded up my Glock 26 and adjusted the length of the holster portion to cover the pistol reliably then flopped it inside my belt. Hooked the iPhone pocket on the outside of the belt and inserted the phone, which fit well and the flap that doubles as the cover over the pistol and the iphone pockets secures with Velcro. The second so-so for this product comes when trying to draw the pistol from it's pocket. The idea is to pull the flap up forcebly which helps present the firearm. Well, every time I've tried this the frame of the pistol hangs up on the belt somewhat which slows the draw considerably. It can be done, but in the middle of a life and death situation kydex and/or leather is a much better solution to this nylon carrier. I intend to use this holster some more to see if it gets better, if I get to the point I can trust it I will continue to use it. If not, it will be relegated to the closet-box of good ideas on paper that aren't quite as good in real life.