7068 TUFF Original 8 IN LINE® Magzine Pouch

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 Designed by Ichiro Nagata, this IN LINE® Magazine pouch is unlike any other.

Eight individual pockets for each magazine and features a optional removable flap.
Attach securely to either your belt or M.O.L.L.E. vest.
Flap Included
CUSTOM FLAP available https://tuffproducts.com/product_p/flap-custom.htm to fit the Extended Mags.

Size 1 .45ACP Single Stack 1911 / P220 OR Similar
Size 2 .9mm/.40S&W/.45ACP Double Stack B92F/G17-21/HK45 OR Similar

Available in Black or Coyote Brown Size of MOLLE Back Panel Size 1 7.5" W X 5.5"T All Others 10"W x 5.5"T

TUFF Original 8 InLine Mag Pouch ™ from TUFF Products - Videos on Vimeo.





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    Magazine Pouch

    Posted by Conrad on Mar 18th 2023

    I’m extremely impressed with this pouch. Being a Marine Corporal I’m not easily impressed. I now have 3 of them. These pouches are very well made with high quality materials that will last forever (practically)! Any one who gets one of these will be very pleased!

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    Posted by RANDY MCBRAYER on Apr 3rd 2022

    This is my 4th or 5th such purchase of this item. In various configurations. This one is for my new SS 1911 magazines. And this item never fails to impress. It’s durable, lightweight, ‘user-friendly’, and just plain does what it’s built to do. And does so exceptionally well. I use them primarily to store my magazines in a clean, dry place. But also occasionally, as belt worn magazines pouches. And the perform flawlessly every time. Some claim they’re too pricey. Yet, I disagree. For something which lasts a lifetime, and GIVES a lifetime of faithful, dependable, durable service, they’re priced accordingly. And TUFF Products delivers quickly. From a well ordered website. Itself very user friendly. They don’t manufacture a ton of products. Just a ton of great, dependable products. What more can you ask?

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    7068 TUFF Original 8 Inline

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 22nd 2021

    I have two of those FieldLine ProSeries Range Bags (which have the large center compartment and zipper compartments on each of the four sides) that you see everywhere including Walmart. The 7068 TUFF Original 8 Inline magazine holders FIT PERFECTLY in the end zipper compartments and with the flap folded back keep the magazines from banging into each other and organized in my preferred ammo order. I have at least four of the magazine holders one in each of the end compartments on each of the two range bags and friggin' LOVE them. BTW it cost me about $35 to have a seamstress replace the zipper on the main center compartment to a head-to-head locking zipper. TUFF PRODUCTS SHOULD MAKE A SIMILARLY DESIGNED RANGE BAG but for the center compartment use head-to-head #10C Skyway Luggage Metal Key Lock Slider & Single Pull Zippers !!!

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    8 inline mag pouch

    Posted by Rory Grubb on Aug 31st 2021

    The pouch is exactly what I expected and well made. It should serve it's purpose well.

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    Solid craftsmanship

    Posted by Adam B on Aug 25th 2021

    The 8 slots provide the right amount of snugness for 1911 style magazines and keep everything in a nicely finished covered pouch.

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    Tuff in line 8

    Posted by T. Price on Jun 16th 2020

    Excellent product. Great for the range. However, I wish they would bring back the AR-15 inlline 8.

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    7068 TUFF Original 8 Inline: excellent product, BUT....

    Posted by Doug on May 26th 2020

    This is the ONLY inline mag pouch that I know of that will fit my Glock 43 mags. The mags fit extremely well with enough room at the top to allow for my Taran Tactical +2 mag extensions... not too tight; not too loose. The fabric is rugged and looks like it will last a lifetime. And, like I said, they appear to be the ONLY choice out there for Glock 43 mags. Even Glock doesn't have mag pouches that will fit G43 mags - but their 10-inline doublestack pouches are great. .... That said, I have a couple of gripes about this pouch, #7068. NOWHERE on the pouch is any indication of the product number or even the maker! It doesn't even say TUFF PRODUCTS on it! That became a problem when I had already bought one, loved it, and wanted to buy one some years later on - but I couldn't remember who made it! "Who made this thing? And what product number is it?" "How the hell do I know? It doesn't say anything on it, anywhere!". Which brings me to my 2nd gripe about it... Tuff Products, your #7068 pouch is great, but it's available TWO DIFFERENT SIZES! One size for single stack mags, and another size for double stack mags... BOTH WITH THE SAME PRODUCT NUMBER! To make choosing the right pouch for Glock 43 mags even MORE difficult, the Glock 43 mags are SINGLE-STACK... but they won't fit in the "Size 1" option version. May I humbly and politely suggest that you designate the single-stack and double-stack versions with DIFFERENT PRODUCT NUMBERS....??? And if you can't do that, could you include, somewhere in the product description, the fact that the single-stack version WILL NOT FIT the single-stack Glock 43 mags. You could make a note of the maximum width that each version will comfortably accommodate... or something... AND FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, PLEASE PUT YOUR OWN NAME ON THE POUCH ALONG WITH THE PRODUCT NUMBER, SO THOSE OF US WHO LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS CAN EASILY ORDER ANOTHER ONE JUST BY REFERRING TO THE INFO ON THE POUCH! Thank you, carry on...

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    Posted by HAROLD D GARY SR on May 12th 2020


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    8 Inline

    Posted by Mike on May 11th 2020

    Just received this, and it seems to be well built. The first thing I did was load it with 8 full-10 round Chip McCormick magazines and put it on my gun belt. It is kinda heavy, but comfortable. There isn't anything objectionable about it. I like the removable flap with velcro. Just tear the flap off and the mags are easy to withdraw. I looking forward to a range test next weekend at a tactical shooting course. Pretty cool stuff.