5079 Super Tac Pocket Holster

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5079  Super Tac™ Pocket Holster

• Tuff™ Super Tac™ Grip Laminate
• Slim Profile
• Extra Grip Helps Sticks To Your Pocket
• Ambidextrous

 Holsters Made to order - Ship within 10 days.

Basic Size Chart-
Size 10 Fits J Frame 340PD LCR Gl2627 S&W Shield SA Hell-Cat , 911,Glock 44  or similar
Size 11 Fits LCP Kahr P380 Keltec P32 3AT Diamond Back .380 or similar
Size 12 Fits LCP P380 Keltec P32 3AT, with Crimson Trace Laser or BodyGuard 380 with InSight laser or similar
Size 13 Fits Kahr MK9/40 Kel Tec PF9 or similar
Size 14 Fits Bersa 380 SSP380 SS325  or similar

Size 15 Fits Be2125 Tomcat SW950 Guardian Seecamp or similar
Size 16 Fits Taurus Judge Public Defender, SS P365XL YEET CANNON
Size 17 Fits Kahr P380 Kimber Solo
Size 18 Fits Kahr P380 with Crimson Trace Laser
Size 19 Fits Glock 42 MK9/40 Kel Tec PF9 with Crimson Trace Laser
NEW*** Size 43 Fits Glock 43  ** Beretta M1934 SigS SAS Springfield Armory HellCat

Size 49 Fits: Ruger LC9 SR-9C, Kahr P230, CW9, CW40, P9, P40, PM9, PM40, TP9, TP40, PM45, TP45, CW45, P45, Kimber Solo PF9 Glock 19, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 32, 33, 36, 38, 39, Taurus Slim, 708, 709, 740 Sig Sauer 238, Keltec PF9 With CRIMSON TRACE LASER


Larger size Chart in the images


  • 5

    Posted by Darold Bivens on Sep 18th 2023

    The quality is superb. This is my second holster that I’ve also been using for the last 6 years and it is still in excellent condition.

  • 5
    Pocket holster for P365

    Posted by Rob on Sep 3rd 2019

    Size 43 is a perfect fit for the Sig P365. Stays put in the pocket, easy grip and remove when needed.

  • 5
    5079 Super Tac Pocket Holster

    Posted by Dean Chapman on Dec 8th 2018

    After trying several more expensive holsters, I bought the size 18 for my Kahr P380 w/ Crimson Trace several years ago. Perfect fit! It's comfortable, doesn't print, & securely orients my pistol for ready extraction. After nearly four years of EDC, it's still as good as new. I defy you to find a better pocket holster!

  • 5
    Bought for a S&W M&P .22 Compact

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 3rd 2018

    I bought this holster not so much to keep a non-pocket pistol (S&W M&P .22 Compact) in my pocket as to protect the gun in my range bag. As this exact pistol is not listed on the size chart I based the size selection (79) on similar-sized S&Ws. The holster is well constructed, fits well, and I think would do well as a pocket holster in a big enough pocket for this pistol. I learned of TUFF Products (specifically the PocketRoo) via the Student of the Gun podcast. They have yet to steer my wrong with the product recommendations.

  • 5
    Perfect w/ My S&W M&P Shield

    Posted by Bill on Jun 21st 2017

    Great quality and price. Fits my S&W M&P Shield perfectly. I can now carry using the regular front pocket of some of my pants and the cargo pockets of all of my cargo pants.

  • 5
    Top Notch Pocket Holster

    Posted by ScottM on Jun 6th 2017

    I have been very happy with the different variants of the Tuff holsters, and this latest one is the best yet. Works perfectly for my S&W 442 and also Ruger LCRx. Perfect companion to the QuickStrip loaders and pouches.

  • 5
    Way Stickier than the other guys

    Posted by Sam J on Mar 2nd 2017

    I have a holster from the competition, and saw this one at Shot Show. I bought it to try it out. This one is much "grippier" and stays seated in my pocket better. I have a Glock 43 and it worked perfect.

  • 5
    Kahr CM9

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 21st 2016

    I finally have a holster that fits my Kahr CM9 with Laser Max

  • 5
    Excellent alternative for my Sig

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 24th 2016

    Wasn't sure if my SIG P239 might be too bulky/heavy for pocket carry, but this holster makes it possible. Not for blue jean use, for sure, but with tactical pants or Carhartt/Duluth Trading style it works perfectly. Slides in, but only the weapon comes back out. For times when IWB is inappropriate, this will still allow me to carry.