TuffTie One time use Handcuff Restraints - 5 Pack

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Tuff-Tie disposable handcuff restraints - Pack of 5 .
Great temporary restraints  Tuff-Ties are safer to use than cable tie type restraints. Very Compact Size.
They are also constructed of high strength nylon braiding that has no sharp edges.
• Tuff-tie is used by thousands of correctional and law enforcement agencies around the world.
• Pre-threaded, ready to use and apply. The only disposable restraint that has a double locking feature.
• Unlimited shelf life. Tuff-Tie is not affected by exposure to sunlight, temperature, or environmental conditions.
• Flexible Tuff-Ties will not cut into skin or cut off circulation if applied properly.
• Lightweight and easy to carry. TuffTies won't tangle in your pocket.
• Non-metal teeth will not rust or corrode. The poly block is virtually indestructible.
• Designed by a police officer for law enforcement use.
• Manufactured by a leading plastics company under strict supervision.
• Every Tuff-Tie unit is tested prior to sale.
Tuff-Tie Specifications:
• Cord tensile strength: over 500 pounds.
• Cord Material: flat diamond braided nylon.
• Locking block material: reinforced poly-carbonate.
• Assembly weight: only 8 grams (1/4 ounce).
• Loop circumference: 12 inches (each side).
          • Made in USA

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