8877-BK-SW Quck Access Tourniquet Pouch with SWAT T TQ

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The TUFF Quick Access  E.D.C Tourniquet/Medical First Aid Pouch

This Bundle Comes with a Genuine SWAT T Tourniquet

Features single layer construction with triple internal elastic loops for storing a  SWAT T (Included) , CAT TQ , Soft T Tactical Tourniquet, Combat Gauze, and Gloves ( NOT INCLUDED) with immediate access when the "seconds count."
The Patent Pending Quick Release Flap helps to regain seconds when time is ticking and the need to deploy the tourniquet is a life or death situation.
Single M.O.L.L.E. Tab Attachment on Rear allows for either M.O.L.L.E. Carry or doubles as a belt loop. 5.25" H x 2.75" W x1.5" D
Ships with a SWAT T Tourniquet .
Available in Black Nylon

Red Cross on Front Designates Medical